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My Works / Publications


WATERSPELL: Epic Fantasy

Making a place for yourself in a world where you don't belong takes courage. So does moving in with a warlock. Especially one who is a cauldron of seething anger on his worst days … half mad on his best … who is thinking, perhaps, of killing you. And you can almost understand why he would do it. But you'll fight to stay alive. Because maybe—just maybe—you've found the place where you belong: On his world, in his magic, saving the warlock from himself.


WATERSPELL Boxed Set (Books 1–4) tells the story of the lost traveler Carin, who is drawn into the schemes of a hot-tempered, emotionally damaged wizard. Does he view her as nothing more than an expendable weapon in his fight to save his world from lethal alien plagues? Or will Lord Verek find himself wavering, when it comes time to dispose of his fiery water-sylph?


A Fantasy Quartetclick for details.

The Karenina Chronicles: A Waterspell Novel

In the grip of a grief-fueled wanderlust after the death of her Earthly husband, Lady Karenina of Ruain—Nina to family and friends—escapes into unfamiliar lands, a harsh and distant country peopled with enigmatic characters: the Leviathan, the Nomad, the Outcast, and the Wolf. In their company she finds adventure, danger, champions, and rogues—some of the latter worth killing, but at least one worth loving.


Continue the family saga that began in the Waterspell fantasy quartet (Warlock, Wysard, Wisewoman, Witch). Follow the further adventures of eldest daughter Nina in The Karenina Chronicles.

History & Biography

Four Star Funerals: An Anthology About Death

Anguish, joy, anger, relief, regret, sadness, numbness, fear, guilt, greed, indifference—so many ways to feel about a death. Maybe you reach for a touch of humor to lighten your heart. Whatever your response to the end of a life, know that you are not alone. Four Star Funerals is a collection drawn from the personal experiences of the Four Star Writers. Death has not merely touched our group, it has hammered us in recent years. We’ve lost children, husbands, parents, siblings, close friends. We’ve lost one of our own, a beloved member of our close-knit group. Our individual responses to our bereavements show a universe of emotions. You never know how you’ll react until you’ve been there. If you’ve been there, if you’ve lost someone important to you, maybe you’ve been surprised—even shocked—by your reaction. Perhaps you have felt that your emotions are inappropriate. Maybe it will help you to know that one of us, in our small but diverse writers’ group, has felt much as you have. eISBN 978-0-9728768-2-7

The LH7 Ranch: The E.H. Marks' Legacy

"The fascinating and informative true story of a cattle ranch that has operated since 1907 and the venerable family who owned it. Energetic and aptly researched, The LH7 Ranch is a most compelling and highly recommended slice of Texan-American regional history." ISBN 1-57441-111-X Midwest Book Review

Trail Fever: The Life of a Texas Cowboy

George W. Saunders rode in his first cattle drive at the age of five and got caught in his first stampede when he was ten. A Texas trail driver, he survived it all—freezing rains, lightning storms, desert dust, Kiowa and Comanche raiders, bandits, days and nights of herding without rest. In later life he compiled a unique historical record of the trail-driving era. Here's the story of this important figure of the American West. ISBN 0-9728768-0-4

A Century in the Works

A centennial history of the consulting engineering firm opened by John B. Hawley in 1894. Winner of the History and Heritage Award, Texas Section, American Society of Civil Engineers. ISBN 0-89096-561-7

My article "Water Woes and Water Ways: Tales of Texas Engineer John B. Hawley," which is taken from A Century in the Works, appeared in the Texas Folklore Society publication, Folklore: In All of Us, In All We Do, UNT Press. ISBN 1-57441-223-X

Magazine Articles

Cowboy Stuntman Yakima Canutt

Yak Canutt's work took him out of the Old West into the Middle Ages, a path much like the one my writing has followed. Persimmon Hill

Some other articles and short works that I've written are also available online:

Self-Editing: Two Half Brains Make a Whole Writer­

Simple Green: Confessions of a Former Earthchild

Grammar, Naturally­

The LH7 Ranch


Reviews I've Written

Book Review:
Under the Tuscan Sun

Reflections on Frances Mayes's Under the Tuscan Sun and what the book meant to my personal transnational adventure when I began a nine-year residency in Mexico.

Book Review:
Black Holes and Baby Universes

Stephen Hawking's Black Holes and Baby Universes—you'll get the jokes even if you don't grasp the science.