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WATERSPELL: A Fantasy Quartet

Book 1: The Warlock

Book 2: The Wysard

Book 3: The Wisewoman

Book 4: The Witch

The Story

Carin is a teenager lost and without purpose in her life until a village wisewoman advises her to go north to the silent forest. There, she may find her identity and her destiny.

Lord Verek is a reclusive wizard, a grieving and embittered man. His reason for living died twenty years ago when his wife and child drowned (not accidentally) near their home.

Into Verek's lonely and claustrophobic existence Carin brings trouble, danger, and new meaning. The moment Verek finds Carin hiding in his ensorcelled woodland, he suspects something alien about her. No creature of his world may trespass there. Yet Carin not only defies his spellwork, she is blind to its existence.

Verek conducts a series of tests—some mundane, some magical—to discover who and what she is. His investigations uncover a wizardry more potent than any spellcraft of his. Of those few adepts who still practice the magic arts on his world, only one could have raised the power to spirit Carin from her natural home—Earth—across the void to Ladrehdin. That powerful, unprincipled wysard is an enemy to Verek and to the natural balance of life on his world.

Verek must stop the otherworldly fishing expeditions of his nemesis. It is urgent that he dismantle the bridges which link Ladrehdin to Earth and to other alien worlds. If left intact, those pathways will open Ladrehdin to invaders that are potentially more destructive than a headstrong teenager. Alien plagues threaten lethal epidemics that will devastate life on Ladrehdin.

To tear down the bridges, Verek must have Carin's help. Carin controls an otherworldly dragon that she conjures from the verses of an alien book. That dragon—born of a magic wholly dissimilar to Ladrehdin's wizardry—is Verek's only hope of defeating his nemesis. He must force Carin to use her magical monster to kill the wysard who stole her from Earth.

Carin, however, is much in dread of her quick-tempered captor and his darkly blazing, angry eyes. She doubts Verek's motives and her abilities. She knows nothing of her origins but deludes herself that she is a natural being of Ladrehdin. Though she's come north to the forests where the wizards are, on the advice of the wisewoman who sensed the potential in her, Carin denies possessing any talent for the wizard's art. But when Verek speaks of loosing her dragon upon the one he describes as an enemy of Ladrehdin, Carin recognizes the threat to her own life. Verek's enemy is not the only one who could die in the jaws of the monster Carin conjures.

She is right to be afraid. Verek does not intend for Carin to outlive her usefulness to him. He sees her as an alien invader, and he means to protect his world from her and all like her.

WATERSPELL Book 1: The Warlock
ISBN 9780972876834 (Ebook)
ISBN 9780972876841 (Paperback)

WATERSPELL Book 2: The Wysard
ISBN 9780972876858 (Ebook)
ISBN 9780972876865 (Paperback)

WATERSPELL Book 3: The Wisewoman
ISBN 9780972876872 (Ebook)
ISBN 9780972876889 (Paperback)


WATERSPELL Book 4: The Witch
ISBN 9781737717300 (Ebook)
ISBN 9780972876896 (Paperback)


WATERSPELL: The Complete Series (Boxed Set: Books 1-4)

ISBN 9781737717324 (Ebook set)

ISBN 9781737717317 (Audiobook)


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Paul Gillette Memorial Writing Contest
Science Fiction / Fantasy Category

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Frontiers in Writing Contest
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror Novel

Lu Spurlock Black Gold Contest
Science Fiction / Fantasy Novel

SouthWest Writers Contest
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